Luis Pagan Studio, Contemporary Abstract Art, NYC, 914-620-2278




Luis A. Pagan is devoted to balancing his work in marketing and the arts. Currently, he works as the Marketing & Media Manager at Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education. Through digital & print vehicles, Luis publicly communicates Casita's narrative to the community, partipants and parents he serves. Luis' affinity for technology and communication enables him to service the community by building Casita Maria's brand through various marketing strategies.


As an abstract painter, Pagan developed his painting style with watercolors during his study at Fashion Institute of Technology. He fine-tuned his process while finishing his Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree at Purchase College. "What allures me about this process is the challenge of controlling the uncontrollable." said Pagan. His latest project is exploring images taken by NASA's powerful cameras and painting to gothic and industrial music from his young adult years.  He also participates in art collaboratives that premise around social justice and the arts. 

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